Tracking of individual quiz items in LMS grade book

Oct 05, 2019

Hello there,

We are trying to create a scorm package that allows us to track learner performance for each quiz item in the LMS grade book (Schoology). Currently, we are only successful in tracking the result page in a single grade column in the LMS. However, we would like to have a column for each and every quiz item in the scorm package (not a cumulative column via result page) tracked in the grade book. We do know how to populate the scorm package in the LMS. We struggle with the proper build of the scorm package in Articulate. Any insides or resources are welcome. 

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Nicholas Soldatenko

This is a question you should ask the LMS vendor, not the Storyline team. The SCORM package sends the interaction data to the LMS. How and whether to display it is up to the LMS. If the LMS won't allow doing what you want, you can also use an external storage option like the Data Cloud, for example,


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Florian and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your LMS reporting. 

You will only be able to send one result slide to the LMS for reporting. If you have multiple quizzes within your course, you can share a final result slide that uses selected result slides in your course to submit to your LMS.

Florian Feucht

Thank you, Nicholas. The LMS people say there should not be a problem displaying individual quiz results of a scorm package in individual grade columns of the LMS grade book as long as the scorm package is properly set up; however, they do not volunteer any helpful information on the inner workings of the scorm package. It's frustrating.

With respect to the data cloud. I did read up on the link you provided. Thank you. I am not clear yet where the scorm package would be house/ uploaded. Would it be only housed in the data cloud or is there away to house it in the LMS and retrieve additional data to the data cloud? So, we would have both running at the same time: LMS and Data cloud. Thank you!

Florian Feucht

Thank you, Leslie. I am able to track the cumulative score of a result slide in the LMS grade book in a single, cumulative column. However, I would like to have the results broken down by individual quiz and reported into individual columns in the grade book of the LMS.  According to your LMS this is possible using the "sco" (not "scorm") function. But the LMS people do not disclose any details on how the scorm package needs to be set up. Do you have any more insights?

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