Tracking on Plateau 6.3

May 23, 2012

Hey everyone -

Has anyone had any success with getting a storyline project track (by slides visited) on Plateau LMS?

I've tested on Scorm cloud and tracking i'm guessing it's a server LMS issue.

Anyone else have this issue or have a possible solution?  Hoping to get tracking to work so I can justify purchasing Storyline for our organization.



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Raymond Wan

Hey fellas,

I testing the AICC file instead on Plateau and the course still is not tracking.....

Do you know which settings you have set on Plateau? 

I'm 100% that my Storyline file is fine since I tested it previously in Scorm on Scorm cloud and it was fine. 

So not I'm thinking my settings may be off on my Plateau.  Any troubleshooting tips?


Brent deMoville

If you are tracking with a quiz, be sure to set the status to "Passed/Incomplete"

If you are tracking by slides viewed, use a number that is less than the total number.  I usually pick a number that represents about 2/3 of the slides.  If it is imperative that every single slide be viewed then I recommend creating a one question quiz that indicates the user is finished.

I also attached an older file from Articulate on troubleshooting LMS interactions.  I have found it to be very helpful over the past few years.

Brent deMoville


We were never able to get that data out of Plateau.  We asked the question repeatedly during our implementation to no avail.  That was part of the reason we were more willing to step back to AICC from SCORM.  The additional reporting capabilities of SCORM were worthless if we could not extract the data.  We have a similar issue with the survey data that Articulate can create.  We have found no way of getting the results back out of Plateau.

Barbara Shirtcliff

I would venture to guess that the problem was not Plateau.

We have written an in-house LMS to use with Articulate's other products and other SCORM-exporting content-creation tools, and it collects the data just fine from all SCORM-2004-compliant modules.  We use it for detailed reporting.

With Storyline, the browser does not even attempt to send per-interaction data (such as Stephanie described, above), so, of course it is not collected.  Even after one repairs the fundamental syntax error (a missing '}') in SCORM2004_Functions.js, so that the browser can load the javascript correctly, no attempt is triggered to report interactions.  Session data, final score, that's about all it actually does.

Does anyone know if there's like a secret setting somewhere, that we can use to turn reporting on, or might this be another bug in the javascript?  I'm investigating the bug-theory, for now.

Barbara Shirtcliff

Problem solved: it is possible to trigger tracking of interactions for the LMS by editing the javascript file.  We swap it out with a corrected file on the LMS end, upon upload, because it's easier than mucking about on our content creators' machines.  In the file, lms/lms.js, in an exported module, change line 117, where it says

 var bTracked = (arrArgs[14] == "true");


 var bTracked = true;

I don't know about the other versions.  We're using SCORM-2004 3rd Edition.

You can have all your data, guys.  Cheers!

Brent deMoville


I glad you identified and fixed a tracking problem in Storyline, but...

I think you solved a different problem.  I don't think we had any issues pumping data into the LMS.  The issue is getting that same data back out.  Standard reports do not exist for much of the SCORM related data and the vendor keeps telling us that they know the data is in their database but they cannot point us to the location to extract it.  This issue exists with Articulate Studio and Captivate.  Frankly, we did not try it with Storyline since I think the issue is on the vendor side.

Barbara Shirtcliff

Hi Brent,

Yeah, that sounds like a vendor problem, all right.  And a strange one - getting data out of a database is as simple as writing and executing a query.  I hope you're not paying much for such dismal support.

We have been considering open-sourcing our LMS software.  If we do, I'll put a note here, in case you're interested.

Alexander Covan

Having basic issue with Storyline Quiz content not reporting score/completion to Plateau when viewed on iPad.
With browser it's not an issue, and I can get completion on slide viewed working on iPad.

I believe there's a fix hiding in Storyline  AICC publishing settings b/c I've seen it work - but don't have access to those source files.
Any ideas?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alexander,

This is a much older thread, and I'm not sure they're still subscribed. Are you using the iPad app, or just viewing in mobile  Safari? Tracking within  your LMS and using the iPad app is dependent publishing for Tin Can API. If you published for SCORM or AICC, your LMS will not be able to track or report Articulate Mobile Player content. If you're viewing outside of the app, can you also confirm that it does not work when testing within SCORM Cloud? If so, please connect with our Support team so that they can do some further troubleshooting. 

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