Tracking on results slide when there are 2 quizzes in one project

I have created e-learning in storyline 360 where the learner is taken to one of 2 Assessments. I, therefore, have 2 quizzes (one per section) and therefore 2 results slides.

When I publish for LMS and set the tracking option to "track using quiz result" I can only track one of the quizzes. 

Both quizzes have 5-5 questions

The LMS won't show if a person has 100% since it tracks the final Result slide, which tracks 10 questions total. If a person goes through the path he chose and has 100% in that path, the final result thrown to the LMS will be 10/2, which is 50%.

How do I get around this??

Is it possible to have two quiz, 1 result slide? 

if it is possible with Javascript or variable,  anything works for me. 

I have also attached the file. Any suggestions to solve this problem?


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Sally Wiedenbeck

How I would deal with this is insert one final slide, that both quizzes branch back to after receiving their quiz results. Make this final slide a blank results slide, and set the passing percent on it to 0% - this means anyone who reaches the slide "passes" that result. Then set this results slide as the one to report when exporting.

Step by step for how to do this can be found here: