Tracking options for iPad?


I have a client who is very interested in content accessible offline on iPads. I see that Storyline content can be published to mobile devices using the mobile app - but it doesn't allow for AICC/SCORM/ArticulateOnline use and tracking. Are there any suggestions on how we could use Storyline/the mobile app and some other way to track usage/completion? For example, include a quiz at the end that can send results via e-mail?



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Bruce Graham

+1 Steve.

The beauty of Steve's suggestion is that by decoupling the "learning" and the "test", you also reduce the possibility of just testing short-term-memory.

I would always suggest a course, then a period of reflection/activity/practice, then a scenario-based test which, as Steve says, is based around something that actually means something, rathert han something that's built because "...every piece of learning needs to have one..."


Jamie Morgan

Another option if you're just wanting to track who's been in the course and aren't concerned about their score on any assessment, you could just have them send an e-mail to you or some generic inbox and track the "completions" manually. This can be achieved by simply adding a button to your last slide and using the "Jump to URL/File" trigger. In the URL/File field, type: Course Name Here