Tracking options on an Imported Video File


I imported an MP4 file onto a blank Storyline project.  Right now, because it is on one slide, I can only track using the number of slides used. This causes the course completion status on the LMS to be listed as complete even if I end the module halfway through.

Just to create a frame of context: In the Reporting and Tracking options area under LMS Reporting, next to Report Status to LMS as, I selected the "Completed/Incompleted" option.

Is there away that I can track by percentage viewed or amount of time viewed as opposed to amount of slide(s) viewed? Please advise.


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Donna Morvan

Hello Pharah,

On our LMS, we have an option to set it to "Complete on Duration". I just want to throw it out there as something you may want to look at. 

Anyways, I don't think there's a built in feature for this in Storyline. If the goal is to make sure that they watch the whole video, you can just set a condition that the only way they can click on "close" or exit out of the course is after they have viewed the video in its entirety.

Shot in the dark but hope this helps,


Pharah Jean-Philippe

Thank you, Donna and Bob!

For a quick and dirty (we needed this taken care of ASAP), we followed Bob's advise. I am meeting with my group to discuss setting a condition that allows the user to exit out of the course once they've viewed a demo video in its entirety.

Again, thank you for quick repsonse. It's good to know that I have resources when I need it.