Tracking Progress and Completion Option Shows More Slides Than I See in Story View

When troubleshooting why a course would not report as "completed", I noticed that when publishing, under the "track using number of slides viewed - minimum number of slides viewed to complete:" I had the choice of 56 slides. However, when in the Story view, I only have 49 slides (which is consistent with the course). Any suggestions on why this is the case or where I might check for slides hidden from me? Thanks in advance.

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Nicholas Barton

Nowhere else to scroll, but I "expanded all scenes" in story view and did count 56 slides. Then went back into slide view and now counted 56 slides. So I guess I turn my attention to why the course is not reporting as completed upon exit.

I have developed another course for this client with the same publish settings and it reports as completed, so I have to be missing something in this course.