Tracking progress based on number of slides

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to figure out how I could track a students progress based on the number of slides visited in a scene, without knowing how many slides may be in that particular scene.

My thinking is:

Progress needs to be calculated as a percentage of the total number of slides in the scene.

So how would I get the number of slides, which slides have been visited, and finally display the progress on screen?

Any help would be gratefully received!

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Michael Mok

Leslie, I'm no coder but basically I achieved this using a few triggers.

One for the slide count value, one for the current slide value, one with a value of 100, one which is divided by the slide count and one which sets the progress value equal to the value of the division when the timeline starts.

So, on slide 1 when timeline starts:

Trigger 1: Set OnePercent equal to 100

Trigger 2: Set SlideCount equal to number of slide in scene i.e. '5'

Trigger 3: Set CurrentSlide equal to 1

Trigger 4: Divide OnePercent by SlideCount

Trigger 5: Set ProgressPercent equal to the value of OnePercent


Then on each of the following slides when timeline starts:

Trigger 1: Add 1 to CurrentSlide

Trigger 2: Set ProgressPercent equal to the value of OnePercent

Trigger 3: Multiply ProgressPercent by CurrentSlide


It's then just a question of adding a reference to a text box to show the ProgressPercent and/or CurrentSlide values.

It's quite rudimentary but it works for me. 

I wouldn't know how this could be written to an LMS, so if anyone has any thoughts I'd be grateful for the help, even if it means a completely different approach!