tracking progress trouble

Mar 06, 2014

I have a course using triggers and varialbes to track users progress. Clicking an object to be tracked on "menu" slide takes learner to that objects' cooresponding assessment slide. Theoretically, arriving on assessment slide changes the state of object on menu slide to "complete." However, the state changes immediately when I click on the object instead of waiting until action happens in assessment slide.  I have reviewed all the triggers and variables over and over and am making myself crazy. 

I deleted all the triggers and variables to start from scratch and published just to see what I had and the objects are still changing states when I click on them ... even without the triggers.  I hear the theme from Poltergiest and need help, please. Not with my ears, but my course. Thank you.

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Denise Landgraf

The state of the objects on slide 1.2 change when I click on them; they shouldn't change until I go to their linked slides. I want the learner to be able to track their progress from slide 1.2.  I have been trying to upload my Storyline file without success, so I had to settle on the pictures.  Is this enough to answer my question?

Jill McNair

Hi Denise,

I agree with Jerson to use a custom state for this...the triggers are automatic and invisible on the built-in states.  The built-in behavior for the Visited state is to change it as soon as it is clicked.

Looks like you are doing everything else right.  Try that and let us know if it does not work for you.

Hope it helps!


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