Tracking Question Progress on screen

Hi there, have a question I would like to post regarding the tracking of questions for the user onscreen. I have a question bank of 30 questions of which the user has to answer 20 questions randomly drawn. Is there a way to post a variable for the user to see how many out of 20 he/she has answered. Eg: On screen would show 1/20  or 14/20 etc.

Many thanks!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Thanks for question and answer. I have a follow-up question.

I created a question bank with 6 questions, draw 3 questions randomly.

I created a reference as you suggested, Phil and it DOES count, but I must have missed something, because instead of saying 1 of 3 it says 1 of 6. Of course there ARE 6 questions in the bank, but the Learner only needs to answer 3. (I was basing this on Kate's example above). And so, I'd like the slide to show the actual number the Learner needs to answer rather than the number in the bank.

Also, is there a way to show the percent the Learner has as each question is answered? E.g.,

There are 3 questions. Question 1 is correct. Your score so far 100%

There are 3 questions. Question 2 is incorrect. Your score so far 50%

There are 3 questions. Question 3 is correct. Your score is 67%. Or I guess here it could just go to the results slide.

Kate Atkinson

Phil Mayor said:

add a reference called question, and then add it as a reference on each slide e.g %question% of 6 and on each slide add a trigger to add one to question on timeline start, if you plan to revisit you could add condirions based on a visited state so it only adds one once

Hi Phil, have added the reference to the slides and the triggers, and it works when I just progress through the questions slides, but when they are drawn from the question bank the reference field vanishes! What am I doing wrong?Many thanks for your help on this!Kate