Tracking Quiz Variables With Bookmarking


When using bookmarking to return to a partially completed course, does the course retain the variables as well? For example, assume the user passes quiz questions on slide 5 of 20, and then progresses to slide 15 of 20 before needing to quit the course. When they come back in, will the course still remember that the questions were answered correctly?

(I admit I could have probably tested this independently, or scoured the archives better. I just thought I would ask and save time. )

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Peter Anderson

Hey Phil!

Sorry we didn't get to this sooner (so much for your saving time approach ), but wanted to confirm for you that yes, indeed, Storyline will remember a user's answers from before they left the course when the same user comes back and resumes the course. You can see how this works on a quick 3-question sample I put together. Answer the first one or two, close the window, relaunch the course, and your answers will be remembered when you choose to resume.

Does that answer your question, or am I misunderstanding exactly what you're looking for?

Let us know...