Tracking results into Android application in offline mode


We are working with Articulate Storyline and Quizmaker to create quizzes.
We want to integrate them into our offline Android application and are currently able to read quizzes published to Web delivery with the default browser of our Android tablet and with common browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
We are able to open and read quizzes into our Android application using WebView Class of Android SDK.
Now we are trying to get quizzes results or questions result and store them in the database of our Android application. To do that we work with the player_DoFSCommand function of Articulate Javascript (story.js and quiz.js) but this function does not seem to work if the quiz is not running on an apache server or a IIS server. So player_DoFSCommand function is called with http protocol but not with file protocol. That happened for 3 different quizzes (Articulate Quimaker with Web Publication, Articulate Storyline with Web publication and Articulate Storyline with LMS/Scorm 2004 4th Edition publication) on 5 different browsers.

Is using player_DoFSCommand function the good trick ?
Is it possible to get quizzes scores in offline mode ?
Do you know any way to get quizzes scores in offline mode on Android tablet browser or/and on any browser ?

Many thanks, R&D team of ECOLEMS.

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