Tracking section and quiz completion in Storyline 3

Feb 07, 2018


I have built a course comprising 3 sections and one quiz. This is to be published on Moodle. The client needs to see which sections have been completed and that the quiz has been completed too.

I have added a freeform question and results slide to the end of each section (to track completion). I have also added a results slide to the end of the quiz (set to track pass/fail). 

I have also added a separate (4th) results slide which picks up completion of the sections and the quiz result. This slide is not directly linked to the other pages in the project.

On publishing, I have linked the LMS tracking to this 4th results slide.

When I test my project on Scorm cloud and I complete the project and pass the quiz, I get the quiz marked as passed, but the course marked as incomplete.

Have I missed anything?

Any advice welcome


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