Triggering objects on master

Hi, everyone.

I'm wanting to have a 'checkmark' marker appear on each slide when it's completed (i.e., a minimum time is spent on it, and all interactions/layers have been visited).

What I'd like to learn now is whether/how I can add the objects in this file (the 'slide completed' marker, and the 'hover triangle') to the slide master, triggering them from individual slides and retaining their state throughout the course. I'm hoping to avoid having to put these objects on every slide.

Can this be done? Please fire away with any suggestions you might have. If possible, please provide basic details on the actual process, as I've read much about masters yet am unclear on the process for triggering objects within them.

Also, for some reason the Slide1 variable is only adjusted to true if the layer is completed before the base. Could someone please let me know where I've erred?

Thanks very much for any help you can provide!


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Allan Dunlop

Thanks, Wendy.

I'd like for the user to visit the base and layer in either order, and have the time they spend on either be counted toward the completion. For example, if the base requires 20 seconds and they spend 10 on it before visiting & completing the layer, when they come back to the base they'd only need to spend another 10 seconds to complete it.

I'm not sure how their waiting a few seconds before hovering changes the parameter. That's an interesting wrinkle!

Then there's the whole 'triggering objects on the master' issue. For some reason, that element is escaping me completely.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Allan

see if the attached update to your file works.  I've added two T/F variables slide1_base and slide1_layer with triggers so that it doesn't matter which order  your main variable slide1 eventually turns True.

Hope that helps - haven't had time to look at the master slide issue just yet.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Allan

re the checkmark on the Master slide I would add the checkmark to the master and on each slide have a shape covering that area of the layout.  No doubt the conditions for each slide will be different so once all the conditions have been met then change the state of the shape to hidden and it would reveal the checkmark.

Here is a very very rough Peek sample...let me know if this is what you are thinking and I'll upload the source file.

Allan Dunlop

That'll do the trick, Wendy. Thanks for this!

It'll entail including the shape on each slide, yet that's much better than placing the marker on each, especially if I want to change the marker or tweak the location by a few pixels course-wide.

I appreciate the help! I know the steps to take from here, but it wouldn't hurt to have the file for reference in case that's of aid to others.