Tracking slide views only in a module containing optional quiz

I have a module which contains an optional quiz with the usual results slide. When I publish this module, I set it track slide views and set it so that learners have to view all the content. However, Storyline seems to be counting the quiz slides as part of the total number of slides to view. This means that my LMS will only register the module as 'complete' if the learner views all the slides and completes the quiz.

I'm sure I'm missing out a vital step somewhere, but as I've been trying to fix this for several hours without success, I guess it's time I asked for help!

Thank you in advance

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Julie,

How many slides does your optional quiz contain? You should be able to drop the number of required slides so it doesn't include those slides. So, if the user views the total "normal" slides, it should be marked complete.

Say you have a course with three normal slides and three question slides or question banks. If you lower the number of required slides to three, the course should be marked complete when three slides are viewed.

Since the quiz is optional, the only time the user will view slides over the count of the normal slides is if they decide to take the quiz.

Let me know if you have any trouble with this, or any questions.