Tracking Slides Viewed

I'm receiving complaints from some users who are not receiving a 'course complete' notification; or are unable to complete a course published to our LMS.  I have set the tracking slides viewed to be less than 100% (23 of 26 slides viewed for example), and that seemed to fix the challenge.  Is this a best practice - or is there a way to make sure that the course/slides viewed is 100%?

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Scott Wiley

The only way I know of to track something like layers viewed, or lightbox slides viewed, is with custom variables.

Once you have checked that all your custom variables are set consistent with viewing everything, either a "course complete" trigger can be applied to a button, slide, layers, etc., or enabling a navigation button to take someone to the very last slide, from which a normal 100% slides viewed trigger.

Michael Savage

Thanks for the quick reply Scott! Most of our slide layers have to be viewed to change state of Next to normal but we do have a few hover over layers that could be skipped. What I didn't want to happen is an "incomplete" because a hover over layer with incidental info was not viewed. As for the lightbox, it is only used for resource links. Guess we'll need to have them view it or set up a variable