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Sep 24, 2013

Dear Heroes

I have developed a course using storyline but thecourse is not tracking status properly. When a Learner who is yet to finish the course decided to exit so he can continue at another time, the status shows failed instead of incomplete, the learner is yet to finish the course and obviously has not gotten to the assessment section because the course was set to track with assessment and the tracking status is passed/failed, the LMS used is OLM.

I need help on this.


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Lanre Ariyo

Thanks Leslie,

I did as you advice, I changed it to complete/incomplete, but unfortunately I'm still getting the same error but with a little improvement. Whenever I take the courts first time by visiting few slides, I get an incomplete status, if I exit and take the course the second time by viewing few more slides, I get failed status.

I wonder what could be responsible for this, as I have tried all sorts.

What else do you think I can do?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lanre! I think that you may need to test what is happening with your course in SCORM Cloud to see if you get the same results. If you do get the same results, please send your .story file to our support team so that they can have a look. If you are not getting the same results, that indicates that there is a problem on your LMS side that you would need to follow up with them about.

Stephanie Krist

Hi there,

We have the same issue: that a user who just clicked through some pages and exit the course, that this attemps is shown as "failed" instead of "incompleted". On the SCORM cloud it behaves different - it is shown correctly as "incomplete" and I contacted my LMS provider.

But they said that there is nothing they can do from the LMS side. Is it possible that there is an issue - inherent to the publishing tool - in Articulate Storyline? Could it be it is the way that the e-learning is constructed by Storyline to send back a failed status if the module is only partially completed?

We are using Storyline 1. Is it possible that this behaves different in Storyline 2?

Many thanks for your response.


Stephanie Krist

Hi Leslie,

Thank you so much for coming back to me. I checked with our e-learning course provider and they use the tracking option "Completed/Incomplete". Should they use another combination?

When you say it is probably not an issue with the software: do you have any additional information that I could forward to our LMS provider - as they said they cannot resolve it - what they could check or investigate? Just from your experience with it.

Many thanks for your response.

Kind regards



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