Tracking that a learner has viewed video in its entirety

Jul 01, 2014

Thanks, I'm new to the site,  and I'm trying to find out how we can add cue points (not sure if this is the correct technical term when talking Storyline) to a Storyline module that uses video.

We have an existing LMS site on which we can post video modules (currently these are mp4 displayed in an iFrame), a user is required to pass cue points at 10–100% markers during the video's duration in order to gain access to a series of post module questions. These cue points are not visible to the user and are just a way of tracking that they have viewed the video in its entirety. The user can jump to any point in the video and scrub forward/backward to any point in the video using a standard playhead but unless the video is played from start to finish then they can't access the questions.

My client is keen to start using Storyline for to produce their video modules for future learning modules that we will post on the LMS site, any guidance you can give or tutorials/forum threads that you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.

If you can share any info with me ASAP that would be great.



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Martin Andersen

Hi Philip,

you can pretty easy track on the completion of the video, and then add a trigger that shows a next button. I don't know if you need the cuepoints for anything, but I have tried making an example with cuepoints, that tracks how much of the video has been seen.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

Philip Goddard

Hi Martin,

Thanks for getting back to me - I'm totally new to Articulate Storyline and I'm trying to research the video tracking on behalf of my client - how can I view the file supplied in your link? I'm not running the Storyline software, is it possible to view in a browser?

Is it possible for you to share your output files with me so I can pass them to a colleague to test with our LMS?


Philip Goddard

Hi Martin,

That's great, many thanks, the file looks great, is there a way that the cue points can only be passed on playing the video from start to finish? If i jump the playhead through the video clip it passes the cues and makes them true meaning a learner could just forward through to get access to the questions

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