Tracking Video Views: Stupid Question of the Day

Jan 17, 2017

Good day, all;  had a question from a client, and wasn't sure how to answer it as I don't use Scorm that often...

Is it possible to track who has watched a video wrapped in Storyline in an LMS?  It seems that that would be a function of the LMS...

They're using TRAIN

Generally, no one knows of it except public health professionals and emergency preparedness folks.  It has about 1.3M users. 

Also, they're thinking of eventually going w Moodle.

Thanks for any advice you may have

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michael!

I am not familiar with the features of TRAIN LMS, but I did want to point you to these older threads which offer ideas of how to track video completion in Storyline:

Hopefully you find that information helpful, and please reach out if you need any further information!

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