Tracking who accessed/completed a mini-tutorial

I've created a mini-tutorial, with a quiz, and there's an intent to be able to track or monitor which staff members have accessed/completed it. Pass/fail/grade isn't important as much as knowing the staff have gone through the material. Can that be done? I thought it might be under 'variables' but I couldn't comprehend how it would be done. Thank you!

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Mike Taylor

Hi Deb! This type of tracking is usually recorded in an LMS. If you have access to an LMS reporting your quiz results should give you what you need to track this. If you don't have access to an LMS  you could do something like embedding a web form at the end of your quiz to let people enter their information along the lines discussed here:

Brett Rockwood

Hi Deb. If you have SharePoint available to all your users you can use a SharePoint survey to keep track. We create a SharePoint survey and embed it as a web object wherever desired in the course. The user completes the survey, which could be as simple as just entering their name, and the results are written to a SharePoint list. You can then export that to Excel.

Depending on how your SharePoint is implemented the survey may automatically capture the user's name, e.g. if SP is part of a corporate intranet. In this case you can ask any kind of question you'd like, (e.g. Select your region, or Select your job role) without asking for a name and those results along with the user's name will be captured in the SharePoint list. It's not as reliable as an LMS and someone could just skip the survey but it is quite a useful way to get at least some info on usage without using an LMS.

This would probably work with Survey Monkey/Zoomerang or any of the various survey tools out there but I haven't tried it.

If you're not interested in exactly "who" took the training but "how many" from "where" using "what system" and "what browser" you could use to create a short URL to launch your course and then track it through Google.