Tracking with TinCanApi will not register course started or complete since upgrading Storyline 360 using modern player

Since the modern player upgrade we are struggling to get any courses to register as either started or complete. The current course has a Finish button with the below two triggers but does not register.

We have also tried removing the complete button and configured tracking  via slides viewed but this does also not work. Our LMS is built on SharePoint using TinCanApi and this is the first course we have tried using the modern player.  Our SharePoint support people (who are very helpful) have said the LMS is working as it should be and they think it is an issue between Storyline and TinCan. Has anyone got any pointers please - do we need to update TinCanApi for the modern player to work. Thanks John W.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi John!

I see that you've reached out to our Support Engineers in a support case! Great call.

My teammate, Ronaziel, was able to test your file and wasn't able to recreate the issue in SCORM cloud, an industry-standard testing LMS. Ronaziel is still available in your case if you have additional questions!