Training Completing/submitting results too soon.

Oct 24, 2014

Hi Everybody,

I am having a real a problem with training marking off as complete too early. The training is an assessment so is almost entirely questions. Staff have to get 80% correct.

I have the 'submit results' trigger on the very last slide. in fact the only way to get to it is to have started all sections of the assessment. Each area has it's own result slide (that doesn't report) so they can review individual sections.

The problem is that if you get to 80% right and close the training it marks you as complete even if you haven't attempted all of the questions. I don't see how this is possible because it shouldn't have submitted the results.

Any ideas?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi James

you can upload yourself — just signup for a trial . Scormcloud

Just need the SCORM zip file, load it up then launch the course and stop it when you want to check the status.

I'm out of my office for a couple of hours now...but if you want me to help test it later I can do - just let me know.




Here is my test story...just in case the setup from inside SL is different (hope it's what you were after) ;-)

Wendy Farmer

Hi James

I downloaded my ' Quiz_80_Result_slide.story 223 KB' file and it opens in SL2.  It consists of two scenes each with 5 quiz slides and a result slide, then a master result slide joining them.  Its only small as there is minimal graphics / media in it.

Because I run both versions of SL, I download and right > open with ...then choose the version.  I don't just doubleclick to open.

When I download your test.story...I can see the intro screen in preview but it takes forever to move from the intro screen to the main menu once I click Begin

James Brandwood


HI Wendy,

Well I have learnt three things - Salmon swim upstream and tuna down (but then how do the salmon get back out of the river), You most likely have not seen Star Wars and this issue is most likely with the LMS not Storyline.

My settings are the same as yours. When I load yours onto my LMS and reach 80% and close the training it marks off as complete.

Thank you very much for all of your help and for effectively providing me a control to test against. I will let you know how this pans out.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Thanks for the update, and I'm glad you were able to open and test Wendy's file. You may want to review this article on troubleshooting tips for tracking and reporting in your LMS - and as Wendy mentioned, testing at SCORM Cloud is a great method as it's the industry standard for SCORM testing and you can have a free account. 


Wendy, finally someone else who hasn't ever seen a Star Wars! ;-)

James Brandwood

So in not so good news the LMS provider has come back with:

"I have spoken to the developers and they have infromed me that this is by design, if a user has reached the passing grade it is considered as complete."

Which is quite possibly the dumbest feature ever.

My work-around, make 100% the pass mark and have the learner navigate to the slide telling them they have completed their training worth 20%. Screws with my results though.


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