Training for mobile apps

I've been developing in Storyline for several years and am very familiar with creating software simulations for desktop and web apps, but this is the first time a client has asked me to create interactive training with simulations for a mobile app.

I have a few ideas, but am curious as to how others have approached this in Storyline or other tools. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Linda Tucker

Hi Gail,

I have to do pretty much the same thing you are doing, and I have the same questions. I can record the workflow of the mobile app using the recording feature on my iPhone. But when I embed it into storyline 360 and view it in the various 'responsive' modes (mobile phone portrait, mobile phone landscape, PC, etc.) the recording doesn't fill the screen.  Instead, it is small and hard to read. Please share if you have found a good way to do it. 


Gail Edmonds

I haven't published/tested it yet, but the mobile view in Chrome developer tools is helping a lot. If you're not familiar with it, it simulates the view and behavior of an app as it would be on a mobile device, but you have to be able to access the app or QA environment through a URL. It's in the Chrome menu under More Tools > Developer Tools. Once you select that, there's an icon that looks like a cell phone in the lower left corner you can toggle off/on to see the desktop or mobile view, and there's a dropdown at the top where you can select what type of mobile device to simulate. I'm surprised I haven't run across this before -- it'll be very handy for testing how any course runs on mobile. I recorded a simulation in Storyline while in this view and so far, it's working great. I'm excited to finish enough of the course so I can test it on an actual mobile device.