Training is sending a score to LMS with "complete course" trigger

Oct 15, 2020


I made Storyline project with a "complete course" trigger on the last slide.

When publishing in SCORM, the LMS reporting is set on "Completed/Incomplete" and the tracking is set on "Using trigger". 

When I complete the course on LMS, the result is "complete" but it also reports a score (0%). 

How can I publish the project having only the "complete/incomplete" reporting to LMS without the score?

Thank you,

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Dominic!

Happy to help! Whichever criteria are completed, first will be sent to the LMS. It sounds like the completion criteria are sent to an LMS before the score. 

One way to change this is by adding a trigger to Complete Course when the timeline reaches 2 seconds. This will send the LMS score when the timeline starts and then the completion status when the timeline reaches 2 seconds.

Give it a try, and let me know if you have any questions!

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