Training new account process & need ideas on videos to insert!

A little background so this makes more sense: I work in the credit union industry and we're revamping the technical process of how we open new memberships (accounts).

I'm currently working on building some courses for the initial launch in June and I want to include some video's to demonstrate the process without making it boring and awkward "how-to" moments. The technical is a focal point but I was hoping to also show how to use the new features to build relationships with our members. We are incorporating some questions along the workflow for staff to ask the members to help uncover needs, create more consistency and it contains resources to help them find information faster.

I plan to have one course that is an introduction to the new workflow, one that will be used for this launch and ongoing for new employees. I want to create another that's more scenario based for practicing.

My team is pretty willing to do whatever, embarrassment is not in our vocabulary so no idea is too far fetched. We also very much like things to be on the humorous side... it breaks up the monotony of technical!

Thanks in advance for any ideas you have or help you can give, I appreciate it!


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