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Jul 10, 2012

Hi Everybody,

I was just wondering what people outside of the U.S are doing for Storyline training? I get Tom's email that lists all the training in the U.S but try as I might I still haven't convinced my work to send me to the U.S to do the training (I'm in Western Australia). I even tried especially hard during the NBA finals.

 I did a Webinar on Presenter/PowerPoint a while back which Tom presened and it was great, but it was also at 2am in the morning for me.

So what's everyone else doing? Perhaps Tom or some of the Storyline team would like to come to Australia?

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Annie Jean

Hi James,

I mainly get the support and training from that community.

I have learned Storyline by myself and am getting better at it with all the tips and tricks that I gather from here.

English is not by first language so it is quite helping for me having the time to read and re-read the posts and searching for terms that I don't understand (which are mainly idiomatic expressions or abbreviation).

So, this community helps me getting better at Storyline and in English at the same time... priceless!!

YMMV (learned from Gerry )

Have a nice day!


James Brandwood

I have learnt alot through these forums and the input from people here has been of a high quality and done quickly, particularly given the time differences. I have also learnt alot from just using the software, a kind of 'I wonder what this button does' approach but I find there are gaps in what I know. For instance it took me some time to realise that there are standard 'state names' for objects and if you accidently name a state the same as one of the standard ones your logic won't work.

@Peter I had a look at that link and managed to find my way to the Australian training place. They don't seem to be fully up and running with Storyline just yet as most of there info relates only to Studio, but I did register interest in their Storyline courses. They actually have one course at the end of the month in Sydney - unfortunately I am on the other side of the country and that was the only course they had listed. In good news their training site here in Perth is actually across the road and 2 blocks down from where I work.

I did come across some webinars by Tom on the Training Network Magazine, which I will watch later. I think it is a set of four so that should be good.

I will update here when I hear back from the training provider.

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