Training Time not being recorded in LMS

I developed some modules in Storyline 2 and they are working correctly, and the time taken to complete the modules is being recorded in the LMS but is not being recorded in our staff training record in our Cornerstone LMS.

It does record the time completed for other third party modules.

I presume that I have not done something with this module, but I can't see what i missed?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, David -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! While I cannot speak on having experience with Cornerstone on Demand personally, I thought I might mention that you are welcome to share your question over here in this discussion: Everything we know about Cornerstone on Demand and Storyline! and hopefully others who use the same platform will be able to share some ideas to assist. And if you haven't already, perhaps reach out to Cornerstone directly for their insights?