Training video using 'View Mode Steps'

Sep 26, 2016

I am trying to create a training video of approximately 20 different tips/tricks for an application. I am using the 'View Mode Steps' feature. I am recording each 'topic' as its own video. As I import them I am doing these as separate scenes because if I add them to one slide they are all jumbled in one after the other.  Is there a way I can roll these all into one video once I am done if I keep them imn separate scenese? If this can't be done, and I can only add them into one scene, how do I keep them as distinct topics within the scene?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jocelyn,

I'm not sure I'm entirely clear on your set up, so let me try and explain the set up that is expected. If you're adding in a step by step screen recording in view mode, Storyline will automatically parse it into individual slides based on the clicks, scrolling, typing you did during the recording. These will all exist as separate slides, from each other and from any other screen recordings. If you're adding more than one of these to a scene, they should all still be separated slides - and you could include a slide you insert manually between them to help designate a new section.

If you insert as a video on a single slide that'll appear as Video on the slide, that video stands alone again - and you could insert other videos on that slide but Storyline wouldn't do that in a normal set up. 

You may want to look at reading some of the information here in regards to the screen recording behavior. There are a number of tutorials there that should walk you through normal behavior. 

Jocelyn Hankins

Yes; you answered my question when you stated that I could put a blank slide between the other ones! So right now they I have 2 video (in totality) in 2 separate screens because wen they were in one, I could not make the distinction. Now I know if I had a 'blank' that can be my separator so they don't all just roll into each other.

Thanks! Jocelyn

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