traking progress on mobile : number of slides viewed & quiz results

Hi guys!

I'm having an issue converting my quiz files from Storyline2 to Storyline360.

I used to track the students progress by quiz results, but in  Storyline360 it no longer works for mobile players (it works on desktops though!).

I have now to select "track by number of slides viewed" while publishing on 360. Have already tryed all possible options, publishing on scorm1.2, scorm 2004, tin can. 

Files attached show my selected options for publishiing.

Thanks for commenting

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Ali Goulet

Hey Fabio,

I'm sorry you're hitting that snag-- I'm happy to help! Thanks for including those screenshots.

I want to make sure I understand exactly what's happening here, so I have a few questions to start with:

  1. You mentioned that tracking student progress by quiz results isn't working on mobile devices- what exactly is happening when you use that setting
  2. You also mentioned now using track by number of slides viewed- is that setting working as expected for you?
  3. Does the same thing happen when you upload your published output to SCORM Cloud and test it on a mobile device? That'll give us a good idea of whether it's file specific or something within the LMS.

You're also welcome to share your .story project file here with me so I can help with testing! You can add it as an attachment right to a comment here.

Thanks again! 

fabio fonseca

1- When runnig on mobiles (iphone6) the quiz freezes on the first quiz
slide when I click to submit, and it happens only with the SL360 file.

2 - It runs the quiz, but then I cant track the result, because its
tracking slide views instead.

3 - Yes, it happens when I upload the scorm to the LMS ( and
others that I tried)

I attached 2 sample files, they are both the same, one was converted from
SL2 to SL360.

Thanks for your support,


Ali Goulet

Hey Fabio!

Thanks for all those details- really helpful.

It looks like your attachments didn't make it over to the thread. If you're replying via email, attachments won't be included in your post. Can you pop into the discussion and add them as attachments to a comment using the "Add Attachment" feature like this?: 


Really appreciate it!

Ali Goulet

Hey Fabio!

Thanks so much for sharing your file with me.

I published the Storyline 360 version using Scorm 1.2 and tracking by quiz results, then uploaded it to SCORM Cloud to test it in an LMS. I'm not experiencing any freezing when viewing in mobile Safari on iPhone 6 running iOS 10.3.3. 

Take a look at your course here and let me know if it still freezes for you. 

Keep me posted!