Transcribing audio from old Storyline course


I've recently been tasked with recreating an elearning course that has no source files. We only have a link to the current module in the LMS. The good news is that I've been able to create a course with similar look and feel as the older course. The challenge now is finding a way to capture the audio from the old course so that the narrative can be created (and audio recorded) for the new project. For the sake of time, I'm trying to avoid having to listen and transcribe the audio myself. Any suggestions? 



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Richard Karel

Hi Quaneisha, some screen capture tools make it easy to capture system audio, so you could play back the old course and capture the audio using the screen capture tool. You would then export the audio from the screen capture tool as a WAV file. If you do have the source files from the old course, you could export the audio, but it doesn't sound like this is the case.  To transcribe this audio, the app "Dragon Naturally Speaking" has an import file  / transcribe feature that might be worth a shot.  Or you could hire someone to transcribe?


Matthew Bibby

If you have access to an iPhone or similar, you can use the inbuilt dictation tools to convert the audio to text. It may need some editing, but it should capture it reasonably well. 

Alternatively, if you dig around in the published output you'll find the audio files in there somewhere (check the story_content folder) but they won't be named logically so that might be a bit confusing if you have lots of audio. 

Steve Gannon

Hi Quaneisha,

A couple of questions:

1. Can you have the LMS administrator provide you with the published file set that is currently on the LMS?

2. Does the course include a 'Notes' tab?

If the answer to both questions is 'yes,' get the file set from the LMS administrator, open the 'story_content' folder, and then open the file called 'frame.xml.' In that XML file, you will find a series of tags named 'slidetranscript type.' The text in those blocks of the XML file contain the transcript. Unfortunately, those blocks of text may include a lot of formatting tags that you will have to edit out, but copying this text from the XML file and pasting into Notepad or Word should get you at least half way there.