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I have audio buttons on some pages in my course and would like to add the transcript as an additional resource.

I can see that I could add this in resources by attaching a file on the relevant pages but is there another way to do this?

Ideally I would like to have the transcript available to view when the learner clicks on resources.  Does anyone know if this is possible or is there another solution?

One idea I suppose is to have another button for audio transcript and have it appear in a light box. Any other ideas?

Thanks so much


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Sue,

Linking to the transcript via a light box is certainly doable. However, that obviously takes the user away from the slide with the audio. 

The most obvious solution is to add Captions. 

If you don't want standard captions (e.g., because they cover part of the slide), there's another option. Put the transcript in the Notes panel. You could even edit the Player's Text Labels so it says "Transcript" instead of "Notes." (see

Sue Wallis

Thanks Judy for replying so quickly.
I haven't used notes before - does it appear on every slide? I only have audio on a few slides so if so, I don't think that would work.
I could do with a solution that just makes the transcript appear if the learner wants it.

Maybe the easiest solution will be to add another button next to the audio buttons that triggers a text ox with the audio on - that way I can choose where it appears on the screen. Would that seem a good solution do you think?


Sue Wallis

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Judy Nollet

Hi again, Sue,

Since you only have a few slides with audio, I think having a button on each of those slides to open and close the transcript is a great way to go. (Depending on the length of the text, it might even work to put the transcript in a Marker.)

For future reference, Notes is a Player-level feature. It can be added on the side of the Player, or as a tab along the top (like the typical Resources tab). 

Because it is a built-in Player feature, you can adjust Slide Properties to show or not show Notes on any given slides. Just select "Custom for the selected slides" in the Player features dropdown, and then select or deselect items as desired.

BTW, you can select multiple slides and click the gear icon to open Slide Properties. Then the adjustments will impact all of the selected slides.