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Jul 24, 2012


I am opting out of using the Storyline player, but do want one feature of it, the Transcript tab for my audio.  Is there a way to add that to the bottom bar?   I am keeping the bottom bar with the audio button and next and back.

My goal is utilizing the space by not having the built-in player on the left, but by making my own Menu which I have done, but I would like to have a button that allows the Transcript tab to come out on each slide with the audio text?

I guess I could make a custom box for each page that a button opens and put my audio text in there on each page?



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Steve Flowers

Hey, Jeff - 

Here are a couple of threads that might help. You can do this from the master slide and manage / insert transcripts with a trigger inserted variable. One caveat, the transcript can't have line breaks (you won't be able to paste in more than one block). However you can use break tags and other HTML formatting in the single block.

Govind Magdalene

Go to the Player setting on the top left corner.

Then, you will see four tabs on the top. Under 'Custom' select 'Aa Test Labels'.

A table will open up. Scroll till you see 'Notes Tab' under the 'Buttons/Message' column. Go to the left column and change the name to transcript. Save and close.

Go back to the player setting and under 'Features' > 'Player Tab' select the check box next to transcript.

Every slide has three options below Timeline, States, and Notes. Type your text/transcript in the Notes tab.

Hope this helps :)

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