Transcripts embedded in Articulate

HI Everyone,

I work for a government organisation and we are required to provide a transcript with any resources that have audio.

Our issue is if we use the notes section in Articulate it takes up valuable screen space for our work.  We have added them to the resources but they open up in a separate screen and that doesn't work for everyone.

What we would like to know is there a way that you place an icon on the screen and when it is clicked on it will open the menu pane area with the transcript but if the icon is not clicked on the transcript(menu pane) is hidden?  We need to display the whole screen and the transcript not overlapping each other.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

cheers, Robyn :)

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robyn,

You can move the Notes panel to be a top tab, similar to the Resource tab, but then it will appear as a drop down over your slide content. You can see more information about that here with the player properties.  

As for taking up screen real estate, the elements that the player will add to a story size are detailed here. 

Mike B.


If you're not confined to using the built-in Notes feature, you could create your own layer that contains the Notes information, and display that when and where you like. We did this for our Notes and Glossary, as the built-in functionality didn't give us enough control over those elements.


Robyn Lambell

Thanks Steve and Mike for your feedback.  However, both of these cover the slide content when the transcript is visible.  The user needs to be able to see the whole screen and be able to read the transcript.  I also looked the hidden menu option but again this covers the content on the screen.  As this is a requirement we are thinking of adding it to the top right as a link and it will open in a separate PDF file until Articulate Storyline develop an option to display the menu pane on command.  So that the whole screen shrinks to accommodate the menu pane.

In the meantime, any further suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Jenny Roberts

I work with Robyn and have come up with a work around for this:

I used an invisible player and then within the player:

Changed the Notes tab custom text to Transcript
Changed the Resources tab custom text to an ellipsis
Back under Features, moved the ellipsis tab to sit above the transcript tab. The transcript is hidden unless you click to view.

Here's what it looks like.