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I'm a new user to Storyline and I've been trying to transfer a course onto ipad to enable use with the mobile player. 

I've published the course using the web-publishing option, checking the boxes in relation to HTML 5 and ipad use, plus offline. I've then transferred the course files onto the ipad. When I try to launch the files from the story HTML link it brings me into the mobile player with a 'Cannot download content' box which tells me one or more of the files cannot be found.

Can anyone help where I'm going wrong?

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Mike Enders

Hi Rob, 

And welcome to the Heroes community.

When you say "transfer", do you mean you are loading them directly onto the iPad from, say, iTunes.  Or are you placing the published output on the web and then downloading for offline viewing?   Note that you'll first need to post the published course to the web and then open the html link from within mobile Safari.  This will then prompt you to view it in the iPad app.

I hope this helps!


Mike Enders

Great to hear that you've got it Rob!

Yeah, you just need to load it to the web first.  Hey, seeing as how you've got DropBox, you can place the published files in a public folder and send yourself the link for the story.html file.  This will let DropBox serve as a webserver.  Click that link in mobile safari and you'll have the ability to download for local viewing.