Transfering files from studio into storyline and then over to moodle

Sep 15, 2016

Newbie here...

I have build a course in studio and then published onto my articulate online account - beautiful

Now I need to get those into storyline. I have downloaded studio on my laptop that has storyline, import the course into my storyline...seems to I need to bring it into a course on moodle...anybody with moodle experience who can guide me through the appropriate steps to do so?

do I zip up my course that is now in storyline, but when I transfer over to moodle it tells me that it cannot accept an archived zip file> do in-zip and drag all files separately into the course? anybody out there?

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Ali Goulet

Hi Maria- Welcome to Heroes, thanks so much for taking the time to reach out here! I'll have to defer to the community for specifics regarding Moodle, but I wanted to share this tutorial with you incase you hadn't come across it yet. For your course to be compatible in an LMS, you'll have to use the option Publish for LMS as outlined in that tutorial. I also recommend using the "zip" option in the Publish Successful window rather than zipping it manually, as this will ensure all the components are packaged correctly. 

I also found these discussions regarding Moodle that you may find helpful to reference:

Hopefully others in the community with Moodle experience will also be able to chime in with some insight! :)

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