Transfering Storyline 360 License to new computer

I've got two serial numbers for Storyline 3 licenses, I need to transfer articulate from an old computer to a new one. I know I need to uninstall Articulate to release the license on the old one, however how can I tell which serial number is assigned to which computer? How can I determine which serial number is activated on my computer and which is on the old computer.

Also, I have articulate storyline 2 hanging around on my computer. Can I safely uninstall that without affecting storyline 3?




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Judy Nollet

Hi, George,

Here are the steps to locate the serial number:

  • Launch Storyline.
  • Open any project.
  • Go to the Help tab.
  • Click About Storyline. That will open a window that includes the serial#.

BTW, I always go to Help and Deactivate Storyline before I uninstall it, because that sends the signal to Articulate that you're discontinuing that use of the serial#. 

And, yes, you can safely uninstall Storyline 2 without impacting Storyline 3. 

George Moureau

Hi Judy,
Yeah, that was the first place I looked. It’s not there in 360….but I think we figured out a work around. We only have two active serial numbers. I assume trying to use one that’s already in use would fail, right?

George Moureau
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Leslie McKerchie

Hi George,

Storyline 360 does not require a serial number, but it sounds like you may have Storyline 3 as well.

Each licensed user can install the software and register the serial number on up to two computers. If you run into any problems with this, you can contact our support team directly to get you back up and running.