Transfering Storyline 360 License to new computer

Jun 19, 2020

I've got two serial numbers for Storyline 3 licenses, I need to transfer articulate from an old computer to a new one. I know I need to uninstall Articulate to release the license on the old one, however how can I tell which serial number is assigned to which computer? How can I determine which serial number is activated on my computer and which is on the old computer.

Also, I have articulate storyline 2 hanging around on my computer. Can I safely uninstall that without affecting storyline 3?




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Judy Nollet

Hi, George,

Here are the steps to locate the serial number:

  • Launch Storyline.
  • Open any project.
  • Go to the Help tab.
  • Click About Storyline. That will open a window that includes the serial#.

BTW, I always go to Help and Deactivate Storyline before I uninstall it, because that sends the signal to Articulate that you're discontinuing that use of the serial#. 

And, yes, you can safely uninstall Storyline 2 without impacting Storyline 3. 

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