Transferring a button state across slides

Mar 03, 2016

I have an interactive slide (Slide A) where the user clicks a panic button as they watch a video.  The button has 25 states <numbered 1 through 25>.  Each time the user clicks the button it changes the state of the button by 1. (Works perfectly)

The question is - I wish to transfer the user to another slide (Slide B), with a different video, and repeat the same process.  How do I transfer the state (1 through 25) of the button from slide A to slide B?

Example: The user clicked the button on slide A: 10 times which changed the state of the button to 10.  When they arrive at slide B how can I have the button state start at 10? (This state number is based on the number of times the user clicked the button on slide A)

Much thanx for your insight! 

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Ivan Noel

Thank you both for your insight!  

Cary, its not quite what I am looking to do and it is incredibly difficult to explain so I have attached a simple test example.

I am looking to have the anxiety meter level be Matched / Transferred between slides 1.2 Wake up and 1.3 Go to the gate.  

So if you click the button on Slide 1.2 <10 times> then click the next button, on slide 1.3 the anxiety meter needs to start at 10.

Thanx for your help guys!

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