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May 07, 2012

So...  Storyline takes up too much power on my work laptop.  As a result, it crashes frequently, lags behind when I'm moving things on the screen, etc...  I copied the files I needed onto my desktop by first transferring the files to my folder on the servers, then I transferred them from the server to my desktop... I never opened them during this transition.  Once on my desktop, I open the files, and several aspects of the files are corrupted.  Images are not displaying properly, the menu looks jumbled, the prev and next buttons have no text, etc...  Is there a way to tranfer files without losing the integrity of the work?  This has happened on all of the courses I was trying to transfer.  Luckily, those were copies.  I just went back to working on them from my laptop until I get a workaround.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Celestial,

Can you try deleting all of your Articulate fonts, and then doing a repair installation of Storyline to see if that resolves the issue? You can delete the fonts here: C:\Windows > Fonts > Articulate.

And then click here to learn how to perform a repair installation of Storyline. Be sure to reboot your computer afterward. 

Let us know if that resolves it. Thanks!

David Anderson

Hi Celestial - I looked at your book fair project and found the issue with your files and why it's so sluggish.

Slide 1.3 is the biggest culprit. It appears you've imported high-resolution images and then scaled each down to fit in the slide. Deleting all slides but slide 1.3, your file size is still around 215mbs.

To verify what I'm saying, jump into slide layer BFC. Select an image and then from Format > Adjust > Reset Picture > Reset Picture and Size. You'll see the image fill up the slide or nearly fill the slide. Try dragging the image. Sluggish, right? Now try right-clicking the image and Save as picture... Right click your image again and choose Change picture... and swap your current image with the image you just saved. Try dragging. Fast, right?

I did this for about 50 of your objects on the first three layers. Performance increased dramatically. Many of these images on your slide layers appear to be print quality, high-res images. I'd recommend finding a way to process the images before importing them.

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