Transferring from Studio to Storyline 2; engage not functioning

Jul 05, 2016


we have an old course which was made with Articulate Studio. Now it has been transferred to Storyline 2, but just found out that the Engage-files are not functioning properly. They do function, but the size exceeds the menu-bar and when clicking "finish" the whole course closes.

Any tips on this? Do we need to change the settings in the Engage-file or Storyline? Or what?

Really appreciate quick feedback.

Thank you, and greetings from Finland!

-Marjo Keturi, Training Manager, ABB Oy

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Crystal Horn

Hello Marjo and Finland! :) 
Let's see if we can figure out what's going on.  Are you importing those slides from a full PowerPoint presentation with Articulate content, or are you simply importing Engage interactions?  <--  Those links give the basics on how to do that in Storyline 2.

Would you be able to share your file(s) here so we could do a little testing?

Leeni L

I'm also working on this project so wanted to add something myself.
The course is actually made with Storyline. The quizzes and engage were originally done with 09 versions, (I think) and right now I only have Engage 13 and Quizmaker 13 available.
I imported them as web objects.

I watched the video on:
It helped with some settings, but this still doesn't get rid of the problem. The quiz/engage projects are still too big in size for the Storyline player.

I chaged the size of the web object to 540x720 in Storyline, but that didn't help.
It must be something to do with Quizmaker and Engage settings?

As Marjo said this is an old project that needed some adjusting so there were several people involved with this and we all had different versions of Articulate available. Confusing enough?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Leeni and Marjo -- Thanks so much for reaching out and for the additional details. As this scenario seems a bit more complex, and requires more depth of exploration and analysis, I would recommend that you reach out to our Support Engineers directly for their insights. Please use this form to submit a case and they will let you know know which additional files they need to see, but I would start by uploading the .story file with your ticket. And if you can share the case number here, we will gladly follow along!

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