Transforming A Slide into the Likert Scale

Mar 20, 2018


I have a slide that I want to transform into a Likert scale model. This part of the slide is a survey and I previously applied a freeform to this slide so the user can click and record their responses. Since this slide has multiple questions attached, I chose the freeform of "pick many" so users can interact on other questions as well. It's probably best I transform this slide into a Likert scale model, but how do I do so without deleting this slide? Or is there a way I can apply multiple freeforms into one slide? I attached a picture of the slide below.

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Alyssa Gomez

Ok, thanks! If that's the case, I would not worry with changing the slide to a Likert Scale slide, since there isn't an easy way to make that change. You would have to manually recreate the slide from scratch.

Is there something about the current design of the slide that isn't working for you? Are you finding that learners can click more than one radio button per category?

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