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Hi All,

Attached is an onboarding style course (only the yellow floor is working so far). I'm experimenting with adding in an evelator style transition, however the transition does a weird glitch before moving to the next location. I've published it and tested it on the LMS and it's still the same.

Also a secondary but not as important factor is when the the bottom floor elevator dissapears and the top one appears you can see the character who is supposed to be hidden behind the doors.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Emma! Thanks for sending your file my way. Here's what I found after taking a look:

  1. Elevator transition glitch: I think the glitch you're referring to is the slide appears to shrink during the elevator transition on Slide 9.1. Is that what you're seeing? That's happening because you removed the menu from that slide. If you enable the menu, the glitch will disappear.
  2. Character appears behind elevator doors: This is happening because you're using a Float Out animation, which causes the objects to fade as they float down. In this case, I'd recommend using the Fly Out animation instead, since it doesn't fade to reveal the character. 
  3. Hotspot click on ground floor isn't working: The "About Us" layer on slide 2.1 has the Layer Property "prevent the user from clicking on the base layer" enabled. Simply disable that option, and you'll be able to click on the ground floor hotspot.

Best of luck on the rest of your project, and let me know if you have any more questions about it!