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Steve Tasker

Hey Tom, thanks for getting back!

'Overlap the video on the timeline; add a fade entrance transition (or exit) to one of the videos'

I guess you mean in the original vid, i.e. before inserting to SL - that's not really going to be practical.

'Add videos to a layer; use a fade transition and trigger to jump to layer and particular point in time.'

I am trying with this but no success. I'm obviously doing something wrong.

I know Replay auto inserts a nice fade effect. Am starting to think capture in that then import to SL might be the way...



David Schwartz

Hi Steve,

Popping in here to show you what Tom meant for option 1. Put both videos in the timeline, and attach a fade exit animation to the first one, or a fade entrance animation to the second one.  Below is an example where I'm fading out the first video as the second video begins, as they overlap on the timeline.