Transitions in timeline

Aug 02, 2019


I have 2 screen capture video's in a single slide in SL and want to transition from one to the other with a fade effect. I've scanned the forums and had a play but can't figure it out - any suggestions??

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Steve Tasker

Hey Tom, thanks for getting back!

'Overlap the video on the timeline; add a fade entrance transition (or exit) to one of the videos'

I guess you mean in the original vid, i.e. before inserting to SL - that's not really going to be practical.

'Add videos to a layer; use a fade transition and trigger to jump to layer and particular point in time.'

I am trying with this but no success. I'm obviously doing something wrong.

I know Replay auto inserts a nice fade effect. Am starting to think capture in that then import to SL might be the way...



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