Translated Courses (1 course or several) Complete/Incomplete vs Pass/Fail - Articulate Storyline 360 and Rise 360

Goal: Have 1 course push the results of the score of one of the Results Slides, to our internal LMS. Is this possible, given that we have 4 results slides and 4 quizzes in 1 course? 

Software Environment:

·       Articulate Storyline 360

Languages included:

·       English

·       Spanish

·       Portuguese

·       French


·       Complete/Incomplete

Quantity of Quiz Results Slides: 4

Questions: What is the recommended workflow, in order to have a course push a specific quiz score, based upon a results slide to an LMS, given that the course was developed as ‘Complete/Incomplete.’

A: Do you recommend splitting up the course into different languages, set as Pass/Fail, with only 1 result slide?

B: Or keep the course as is, but apply a variable or sql script to the course somehow, to allow the data to be pushed to our LMS? Is this even possible!?

Our end goal is to have as much data as possible pushed to our LMS:

Pass or Fail (i.e. Passed)

Specific score (i.e. 90%)

The idea, is that later in the future, when we run reports; we are able to make better business decisions based upon more than just a ‘complete/incomplete’ data point.

At the present moment, we have courses that have quizzes and results slides, but the course is only pushing the ‘complete/incomplete’ function due to how we developed the course.

*This question is rather time sensitive, so any insight would help! Additionally, will the solution be the same if the course was developed using Rise 360?!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jesse,

If the users are going to take all of the quizzes, then absolutely.

You could have a 'result of results' slide that reported to your LMS since you can only track by a single result slide.

It sounds like you need to send 1 out of 4 result slides though. I would recommend setting them up as different courses, but I look forward to hearing ideas from others in the community on how they've filled a similar need.

Jesse Mercado

Leslie, generally speaking, if you have 1 course in one language would you only have that course be in that specific language? While all the other languages, reside within its own course? The current course that I'm referring to, will have 4 languages, but the user will choose which language to take the quiz on. But as I understand it, only 1 course can track 1 results slide at one time, correct? Sorry, for being so repetitive on this point, just want to make sure this type of functionality if not possible at this point in time.

I'm curious, as to how other users are approaching this dilemma! And, does it make it easier to have all languages in one as opposed to 4 different courses, easier to manage translations.

Thank you for your input by the way.

Leslie McKerchie

No worries, Jesse. You are correct. One result slide/course, so if each language has it's own quiz, then you will need different courses.

I look forward to input from the community as well and this article explains some methods and pros/cons and may get you started in the right direction:

How to Create One Storyline Course with Multiple Languages
Ren Gomez

Hi Jesse,

I have great news to share with you today! We've implemented a new feature that allows for expanded tracking abilities within your Storyline 360 courses. You can read about it in the release notes here! You'll now be able to utilize: 

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for Storyline 360. Details here.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on how it works!