Translating Project - Print Results still in English

I have a quiz that allows the user to Print Results from the options on the results slide. We are now translating this project into Chinese and I can't seem to get everything in Chinese. Aside from editing the report.html file manually each time I publish, is there somewhere I can edit these fields so that I no longer have English text on the report?

None of these items appeared on the translation doc I exported, so even if I edit the report.html, I'll have to go back again and have someone do another pass at translating more items :(

Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about:

(Also, I just noticed the time output is a little weird as well -  0:19 am?)

Did I just miss something? Hopefully someone has an idea for me


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Stephanie. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes,

From what I understand, this issue was resolved in our recently released update for Storyline. 

Here's some additional information: 

If you create a Storyline course in one language and then translate it to a different language, you may find that the printed quiz results always display in the original language. This issue was corrected in Update 2 for Storyline. Please review this article for more information. You can download the update here.

If you install the update and still have problems with the print results not updating to Chinese, please let me know.


Stephanie Butler

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your response. I have updated Storyline and I still have the report columns showing up in English. I have even gone so far as to create a new project and import my existing Storyline project in case that might help. Caches were cleared...not sure what else to try.

I also noticed that when I published after update, the final slide (results) seemed to take forever. Twice I canceled out because I thought something was wrong. Turns out it just takes a long time now for some reason.

Stephanie Butler

yes, all local.

Not sure if it's related, but after importing translation, I also had an issue with 2 of the questions retaining their English for the "Correct Answer" field on the report. I even copy/pasted each answer choice again manually within the question and still no dice. Only way I fixed that issue was to Duplicate the slide and delete the original one. Then finally the Chinese text showed up on the report for those 2 questions. Seems like it really wants to keep mapping to the original English, at least on my machine.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks very much for getting back to me. I agree, that's certainly strange. Normally, I'd suggest checking the font and ensure the font being used is a unicode font, but with the print results I'm not sure that would work. 

It might be best to send the project to our tech team in a support case, so they can test it and see what may be causing the issue. Since this is something that was fixed in the update, I'm sure they'll want to document this, too. If you can, try to include the .story file for the one that isn't translating or keeping the translation - you should be able to attach it on the second page of the form. 

Also, I'd like to see what's causing this. If you can, please share the case number with me (you're welcome to do so here, or in a private message). 

Thanks again, Stephanie.


Allison LaMotte


I am having the same problem. Where is the translation of these elements? Is it in the text labels, or in the translation export document? I tried searching in the export document and in the text labels for the words "Student Score" and I couldn't find them anywhere... So I'm confused about how they are supposed to be translated. 

Was this problem resolved?

Thanks in advance.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Alison!

To modify the Print Results text, or to translate it, it looks like you'll need to modify the Report.HTML file that's generated from the course. 

Here's the information that was sent to Stephanie, hopefully it'll help you out as well:

You would still need to customize the report.html file if you would like it to be in Chinese.

This article may help: 

Create certificates by customizing the report.html file

If you would like to request that the Print results/report.html file be included in the translation feature, you can use the feature request page below: 

Submit a feature request