translation complete on one computer, incomplete on another


I have a large project, translated from Dutch to English. I worked partially on my desktop, partially on my laptop. In this file are some images on buttons, containing texts. Both on my laptop as on my desktop, the translated version shows the English version in the SL editor. But ... when I do a preview or when I publish the .story, on my laptop I get all English images while on my desktop some images still are the Dutch version.

I suspect somewhere SL uses a cache to speed up recompiling. It that the case and if so, how can I empty this cache?

I think of a cache because I saw this effect on my desktop first. After copying to my laptop, I got the right pictures in the oublished version.

If there is no cache, is there a solution not only to see the right images in teh editor but also in preview/publish?

Thx for answering!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Barend -- So sorry to hear of your difficulties! Please feel free to take a look at this information on Unexpected or Erratic Behavior in SL2 and let us know if running through the repair steps is helpful. And also, may I ask which type of environment you are using when you are testing your published output? 

You are welcome to share your file as well if you'd like us to take a closer look! :)

Barend Maaskant

Hi Christie,


Thx for your answer. I'll try the first option end of the day, the others (if necessary) later this week, have some deadlines ...

Mostly I work from networkdisk (without problems) but in this case the files are on the computer itself.

What I found surprising: yesterday evening I found out a .story file is a .zip file. I did the following:

- I copied the .story file from laptop (where all images were OK) to my desktop. On my desktop I opened the .story file and in preview and publish it showed the 'old' images (not in the editor, there it showed the new images).

- I published the .story file and examined the output: I saw the old images, both in the mobile output as in some swf files.

- I then renamed a copy of the .story file to a .zip file and opened it. Suprise: I don't see any old images in the source, only the new ones.

This leads to my conclusion that somewhere on my desktop in a cache memory on harddisk there are remains of the last version which are used for building a preview and when publishing. If only I could find this cache memory and empty it ...

Barend Maaskant

Sorry to say but the problem persist. I'm lucky to be able to compile the file without problems on my laptop, but on my desktop in the editor I see the left version in the enclosed picture while in preview and publish I see the right version.

I removed the files at Appdata/Roaming/Articulate/Storyline and emptied the %temp%/Articulate folder ...

Christie Pollick

Hi, Barend -- So sorry to hear that didn't do the trick for you! For fresh perspective and additional insight, I would like our Support Engineers to weigh in to see if they are able to provide further options to assist.

As such, I will go ahead and create/submit a support ticket on your behalf, and you will be hearing back via the email address we have on file for you just as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated, and I will be sure to monitor the progress being made on your case.  :)