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Sep 12, 2014

Maybe this is silly but I notice sometimes when I perform an export for translation, I get a two column format. The left column is the ID and not to be edited. The right column contains all the text to be translated. But sometimes I have seen a three column format that allows the center column to remain English while the translated material is in the right column. This allows for easy reference between the English and the other language.

Is there a way to have Storyline export in the three column format?

Or if I manually add the third column, will that adversely effect the import back into Storyline?

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Bruce Graham

Hi Sandra,

I always use 3-column format.

When you export, right-click on the filetype that it displays, and you can choose this.

3-column gives translation agencies a reference column, you just nee to give REALLY clear instructions that ONLY the RH column is to be touched in any way.

"Oh...we just deleted the other 2 columns to tidy the document up" being my favourite ever comment on a translation project

Hope that helps.

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