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Aug 10, 2012

I want to know where I can find out more about the translation features that were in the recent update. Can someone further explain what this new feature is about.

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Bruce Graham

Hi Zara!


So now when you hit the "Translation > Export" option, you get a Word document produced.

It contains a "Do not touch" column, and one that your translators, (or even just SME reviewers!) can look at, and translate, including all the layers etc.

When done, you then hit the "Translate > Import button, and it all comes back in again, in the right format, font, size etc.

That's the gist of it.


Nancy Woinoski

Thanks guys, this is awesome. If it works properly it is really going to save me a bunch of time on two of the projects I am doing right now.

They both have to be in French and English. I assume this is true for you too Zara since we are practically  neighbours.

Wonder if this takes us one step closer in being able to use external xml files for text etc?

Bruce Graham

Have been testing this for a little while now (guess it's OK to say that now....), and it really makes things ridiculously simple in terms of translation exercises.

Currently involved in a 5-course x 8 languages operation, and 1 course x 15 language operation, and it no longer fills me with "Cut and Paste Panic"


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