Translation import does not work

Jul 06, 2016


I have tried to import a French translation into a English SL, but it does not work. I get the message : "congratulations, translation was imported successfully", but it still in the English language.

I have imported a Dutch translation last week, and that one worked.

How can I solve this problem?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Pascale -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry for your troubles! 

In some cases, you may find that translating Articulate Storyline content via XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) doesn't work as expected. You may receive a successful (congratulations) message but find that your course is still in the original language.

If you plan to translate text manually, we recommend using one of the Microsoft Word (DOC) export options in Storyline.

Select the XLIFF export option if you're using a translation tool for automatic or professional translation services.

If you're using XLIFF with a translation tool and your course still doesn't translate as expected, make sure your translation tool is updating caption states properly. You can tell by opening the XLIFF file in a text editor, such as Notepad, and searching for "state."

Initially, the state for each caption in an XLIFF file is "new." When a caption is translated, your translation tool should update the state to "translated."

When you import the XLIFF file back into your course, Storyline will update captions that have a state of "translated." All other captions will be skipped.

If your translation tool isn't updating caption states in XLIFF files, please ask your translation vendor for assistance.

Please let us know if that helps or if you are still having difficulties! 

Pascale Versigghel

Hi Christie, thanks for your message.

I want to explain what I did. I exported my SL file into a word doc with reference column, translated it myself (no translation vendor or whatever), and then wanted to import it again. I have done this already a dozen times, and it always worked. I have done this for the Dutch version, and it did not have any problems.

I have to get this work done before end of this week, and still have to record my French voices too.

Anton Neugebauer

Hi everyone,

I have the same issue. I have translated from English to German and the import doesn't work. I tried to import as a nomal .doc file and I've got also the "Congratulations" message, but I see all the content in english.

I have also checked the slide id's but cannot find any distinctions.
How it is possible to solve these problem?



Veronique Smans

Hi all, I had one to one support from Articulate and they solved the issue for me.  See their reply below:

I tried importing your word document to the project file and it too did not translate the text.


I however was able to translate the text in the project file by doing the following:


1.) Open the project file "90b974bc9450916-Product Risk Management Chinese.story".

2.) Click on File.

3.) Click on Translation.

4.) Export.

5.) Set the Save as type to Word Document with Reference Column.

6.) Click on Save.

7.) Copy paste the Chinese text to their respective rows.

8.) Save the word document.

9.) Access the project file "90b974bc9450916-Product Risk Management Chinese.story".

10.) Click on File.

11.) Click on Translation.

12.) Click on Import.

13.) Navigate to the word document.

14.) Click on Open.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Beth!

It sounds like you're trying to translate your course from English to Spanish, but your closed captions were not translated. Is that right?

Did you click File >> Translation >> Export?

If so, closed captions are not included when you export text strings from your course for translation, in which you'll indeed need to export them both separately. Here are some handy tutorials on translating your Storyline 3 courses as well as importing closed captions for narration and videos.

In the meantime, I'm going to submit a feature request for this option on your behalf to our product team! Please feel free to reach back out here or via our feature request form if there's anything else you'd like to see in Storyline or any of our other products! We love new ideas :-)

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