Translation of menu items not importing in Storyline 360

Jul 22, 2019

I am seeing a repeating problem when importing translations that the menu items are not translated and remain in the previous language. All the slides were fine, just the menu items. No changes were made in the structure so the addresses were not changed. In order not to disrupt edits done in the slides, I exported again, copied the correct menu item translations to the export, then import again.

Example is Russian language import and menu remained Chinese.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Rick,

Thank you for including the image! It's always helpful to see what your screen looks like.

Are you able to confirm which version of Storyline you are creating on? (Storyline 360, Storyline 3, Storyline 2, etc) Also, when exporting the translation are you exporting to Word or XLIFF?

From there, I will get a better idea as to why your project isn't fully translating.

Katie Riggio

Hello, Rick. Appreciate this additional context!

Just a few more clarifying questions to help us narrow down why the previous language is being used in the Menu:

  • When you go to Story View, do the slide titles appear in the previously used language or the new one? 
  • What happens when you try to update the Player Text Label language?
  • Would you mind sharing an affected .story file as well as the Word documents for testing? You can send them to our team privately by using this upload link. We'll let you know how the import goes on our side, and will delete the file after troubleshooting!

Appreciate you working through this with us; we'll be here! 🔎

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