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Feb 22, 2014

Hello, hope you can help me with this.. I exported my project via translation" and than translated it. The documnet is translated and saved on my harddrive. But when import the translated tex nothing happens. I still have the untranslated text in my articulate storylineproject. What am i doing wrong? It shows a box saying  that the translation succeded but the text hasen´t changed. So its not translated in the project. 

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Rick Pruitt

I'm not sure what is going wrong, it has worked for me quite well.

The image here shows the word output for translation in two columns. The right side gets translated (we use a service for this) and then when it is imported those content holders (address on the left) get the new text with the same font properties as it had before. Beware that the default Articulate font will not work with all languages. We use a unicode font as the default.

The player settings has an option to change the language which takes care of the player navigation and other labels.

Do a save as first before making changes so as not to mess with your master in English I assume.

Best of luck!

Bruce Graham


Translation can be a little tricky sometimes.

I know it should not matter, but one thing I have noticed is there is a special character (I appreciate it is not special in Swedish!) in the .story title.

You could try changing that?

Also try the 3-column export option rather than the 2-column.

Let us know if either of these helps.

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