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Gerry Wasiluk

Well, you can publish to Word.  And, of course, you can translate directly on the slide.

(P.S. to Steve F.--didn't you experiment with another option here?)

During the beta, translation enhancements were asked for and discussed.  Articulate, without revealing any plans, said they plan to look at this sometime for a future version of SL.

Steve Flowers

I did. I'm pretty sure it's a little *too tech* for folks that just want a tool that ingests and spits out a nice document format. I think for SL to be a viable tool for a global audience (developing the same solutions in multiple languages) it'll have to improve in this area.

I'll document and post my example. Problem with this is it's reliant on JavaScript. That's not workable in the iOS version.

Bruce Graham

Gerry Wasiluk said:

Bruce Graham said:

Your best post--EVER!

I wrote what I really feel about Articulate's current approach to translation, and then deleted all the bits that may have been deemed offensive, argumentative, or too darned "business realistic" for those of us who live and work, daily, in a Global business economy where translating is a common business process....

All I have ever heard from people over here when discussing this issue is not repeateble here.


Elle Linklater


Thank you for your support.  I am really impressed with storyline.  However... I will need to have an easy translation process in order  to use it.  Steve... is there a company that can design such a tool that can either be used as an add in or a way to import and export?



Belen Casado

In the company I used to work at, there was a system to have multi-language courses, and it all was based on a XML document.

The way it was done was at follows:

1.- put labels for every text (i.e. 101, 102, 103...)

2.- set a variable to the language needed (en, sp, ge,...)

3.- have a list of the texts in every language that corresponded to those numbers (i.e.: 101 "Quiero un café", 101 "I'd like some coffee",...)

BUT, I don't know technically how it was done.

Advantage: all the texts are available in one XML file that is easy to build, and the change between languages is automatic.

Disadvantage: all texts are not equal, so most of the times, the graphic design guys had to adapt "every" text into a certain box, screen or whatever...

Hope this helps